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A Two-Generation Approach

       Intergenerational poverty is a complex problem that will need a complex solution. Thankfully, current research is telling us a lot about the best ways to approach these complex problems. One of those approaches known as a "Two-Generational" approach, which acknowledges that families are most likely to succeed when the needs of both adults and children are met simultaneously. 

For example, did you know that high-quality early childhood education yields a 7-10 percent per year return on investment? Or that a parent's level of education is a strong predictor of a child's success?

The Aspen Institute, who is a leading expert on this work, writes the following:

"We all want to see families thrive, but fragmented approaches that address the needs of children and their parents separately often leave either the child or parent behind and dim the family’s chance at success. Placing parents and children in silos ignores the daily challenges faced by parents who are working or studying while raising a child, a challenge even more pronounced for those with low wages.

Research has documented the impact of a parent’s education, economic stability, and overall health on a child’s trajectory. Similarly, children’s education and healthy development are powerful catalysts for parents. Two-generation approaches help both generations make progress together."

Click Here to download Aspen's

"Two Generation Playbook"


Connect Casino Road is dedicated to staying research-based in order to amplify our impact on families. For us, this means serving the whole family. Building off the work of the Aspen Institute, the CCR will acknowledge the needs of young children in our community while continuing to recognize the need for a multi-generational approach to this work. 

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