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A Summary:
10 Years of Casino Road Data

Data Report

As a young initiative, we knew data was key to driving our planning and decision making. Luckily, Casino Road has a long history of being the subject of demographic studies, surveys, and focus groups. Not so fortunate, however, was the fact that this valuable information at times went unused. In an attempt to not have to reinvent the wheel, so to speak, one of our first tasks was to gather and synthesize as much data on the community as we could find. We added to this our own results from a community survey filled out by over 130 community members in August, 2017. With support from the United Way of Snohomish County, a Comparative Analysis of the available research was created. From this analysis, four consistent themes were identified:

1. Shared Space

2. A Sense of Community

3. Community Services and Resources

4. Safety and Security


On the right, click the "Data Report" to read the entire analysis for yourself.

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