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 The team at Connect Casino Road is a dedicated group of individuals representing the neighborhood that they serve. Together, the CCR team provides staffing and support to the CCR partnerships through connecting and facilitating, fundraising, engaging partners in opportunities, developing programs, and bringing learning and training opportunities to the community.  

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Alvaro Guillen

Village on Casino Road Director

Born in Peru, Alvaro was in contact with remote indigenous communities in the Andes mountains and the Amazon rainforest since an early age and witnessed the profound inequities and exclusion that those communities suffered. As a young entrepreneur studying business management in Lima, he started a small nonprofit to provide adequate sports equipment and access to training facilities to low-income athletes. Before coming to the US, Alvaro worked and lived across Central America, South America, and the Caribbean as the Marketing and Sales Manager for a German company. After immigrating, he worked with Latinx communities as the publisher of the newspaper La Raza del Noroeste and as Washington’s spokesperson for the US Census Bureau.  Alvaro works with cross-sector organizations, stakeholders, and government amplifying the community’s voice and advancing equity with the goal of breaking the intergenerational cycles of poverty in the Casino Road neighborhood.

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Andrea Pulido

Family Development Coordinator

Andrea Pulido recently joined the Connect Casino Road Team as the Family Development Coordinator. She started her work with the community by founding Hispanic Ministries at a church in Edmonds, WA then continued to serve the Latino community in Lynwood developing and delivering a project via the Center for Ethical Leadership. She has also been a Medical, Social Services and Court Interpreter and Translator, and served as an Outreach Specialist working closely with Edmonds College and Everett Community College for a Federal Grant – I-CATCH.
She received a degree in Teaching and later Nursing at a University in Mexico. She also holds an Associate Degree in Family Support Studies. As she draws on personal and work experiences as an Immigrant in the USA learning to navigate different systems, she looks forward to making long-lasting positive relationships and connections with the Casino Road families. She believes in the importance of education, connecting to resources, and one of her passions is to serve and support families to have a more fulfilling life.


Yelitza Medina

CORE Program Manager

One of the teams that make up Connect Casino Road is our "All Families are Ready" Action Team. At the heart of this model is our Community and Family Development Coordinator, Yelitza. Yelitza joined us in January of 2019 as the Lead Family Development Coordinator but has been working with this community for years through her position as a Family Support Specialist with ECEAP and a Case Manager with South Everett Goodwill. She is a shared employee among the 8 formal partners that make up the Action Team and acts as a central point of contact for the families being served and the partners serving them. Yelitza is bilingual and bicultural, with both a Bachelors and Masters in Education. Yelitza brings over a decade of community and education-based work to Connect Casino Road.


Arcelia Cruz

The Village Center Coordinator

Arcelia was hired on by Volunteers of America as a Community Resource Advocate. She has now transitioned into her new role at the Village as the Center Coordinator. Arcelia brings passion for working with the Casino Road community. Growing up in Washington as an immigrant mother of two, she knows firsthand the struggle that families face each day while navigating a complex system. Using her bilingual and Interpreter skills, Arcelia plans to work one-on-one with families to bridge the gaps in resources and help families strive.