Casino Road at a Glance

The Casino Road neighborhood, located about 4 miles south of Everett's downtown core, is a densely populated area home to around 13,000 people. Over half of all the households in Casino Road's zip code belong to families, and those families are extremely diverse;  1 in 4 residents are foreign born and 80% of the student body at the local elementary school identify as a race other than White. Casino Road has also been identified as having the highest rates of poverty in all of Snohomish County.


Like other communities battling poverty, the families living in this community face a number of challenges. High-rise apartment buildings line the stretch of the 2-mile long Casino Road, and like the rest of Western Washington, rents in this community are rising much faster than incomes. Families work hard to provide for their families, but oftentimes just can't make ends meet. The thousands of immigrants and refugees that call Casino Road home often come from countries of origin that offered them few opportunities in education and employment, making finding employment here an even greater challenge. Safety and security in this community has been an ongoing concern as well, with both petty crime and gun violence affecting families that live here. 


Yet despite these obstacles, this community is resilient. They have been working hard to make life better for families that live here long before Connect Casino Road came into existence. In fact, it was the combination of the high-needs in this community and the high level of engagement among families living here that first inspired CCR. For years now, a de facto community center has been offering free English as a Second Language and Spanish Language GED classes to parents that live here, while simultaneously providing early childhood education to the students' children. Another local non-profit built a youth soccer program that has served literally thousands of kids in this community, helping keep those kids out of potentially dangerous situations. This dedication to families forms the foundation of our work.

Two women study during an intermediate level English as a Second Language class offered at the Casino Road Adult Education Academy.

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