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All Families Are Ready

A CORE Collaborative
About the Team

The All Families Are Ready  Team is one of the 5 CORE (Creating Open Roads to Equity) Collaboratives  funded through the United Way of Snohomish County. Like the other collaboratives spread across the county, this team is taking a collaborative, two-generational approach to supporting Casino Road families with young children ages prenatal - 8 and shifting the systems that serve them towards more equitable approaches. 

At the heart of this model is a Family Coordinator and a Family Counselor who work together alongside children and caregivers to build the confidence, skills, connections, and resilience families with young children need to thrive. 

Team Mission

We work alongside families to help them identify and replace the cycles and patterns that aren’t serving them, while also embracing and strengthening the ones that do, from their perspective.


We help families cultivate the independent ability to thrive. Families will develop and embrace the confidence, tools, knowledge, & skills to reach their goals. From this work, we learn to identify the mindsets, policies, and practices within our community that must shift or be reimagined in order to support families throughout Casino Road in cultivating and preserving positive generational cycles.


If we do this work well, families we never come in contact with will benefit from the systems-shifting work of AFAR.

  1. Families having the ability to make and work towards goals, and the need for external organizational/institutional supports decrease.

  2. Families develop inner resilience and confidence to identify and meet their aspirations

  3. Families have healthy, culturally relevant, and supportive relationships within their family and community

  4. Families have the ability to advocate for what they need.

  5. Practice and policy change occur on the community level, informed by AFAR.

  6. Population-level outcomes shift as mindsets, practices and policies are reimagined

Partner Members


Everett Community College

Mukilteo School District

Connect Casino Road

United Way of Snohomish County

How it Works

About the Team

This newly developing team is comprised of representatives from all tenants and users of The Village on Casino Road. Their purpose is to coordinate across the many different partners that use the Village, to inform decision making around The Village, and to create a supportive environment for the families we serve.

Team Mission

Under Development!


Under Development!

Partner Members

Under Development!

Coming Soon!
The Village on Casino Road
Case Management

Each family has their own
personal Family Coordinator
who who works one-on-one
with the family to assess
needs, connect to
resource, and reach goals.


Bilingual, bicultural Family
Therapists work as a team with
the Family Coordinators to
provide free, culturally
responsive counseling to
children and families

coaching icon_edited.png

Families receive education
and coaching opportunities
to support positive family
relationships and to give
families the tools they need
to meet their aspirations.

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