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About Us
Who are we and what do we do?

​  Located in the Casino Road neighborhood of South Everett, Connect Casino Road is a collaborative made up of a variety of stakeholders in the greater Casino Road community working together to align our efforts to a common vision:

 thriving families and a resilient community. 


Through our partnerships, we strive to build a safe, supportive, and resilient community where everybody thrives and reaches their full potential.

Between our two-generational approach and restorative practices, CCR acknowledges that many families are directly or indirectly influenced by generations of oppresive systems.

Our office spaces and brand new community center, the Village on Casino Road, places us right in the heart of the community. Come visit us and see what the Village has to offer!

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Community Vision

In our Casino Road community, families feel important, valued, and listened to. We are physically, mentally and emotionally healthy. We experience joy every day. We are empowered to advocate for what we need, what we desire and what we dream of. Families choose to live here to transform their own lives and to become agents of change. All of us feel interconnected, supported and like we belong,
regardless of race, age, gender, language, culture or ability.


Through inclusive, innovative, and transformative collaboration, Connect Casino Road identifies, champions, resources, and brings to life the vision and dreams of the Casino Road community.

What We Value

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