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Our Work

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Connect Casino Road uses a collaborative approach to address the most pressing challenges facing families in our community today. Using strong partnerships and the support from our backbone organization, we work to align goals and agendas across multiple systems in order to create a community where everybody thrives and reaches their full potential. Inspired by the Collective Impact framework, we strongly believe that we can significantly increase our impact on complex social issues by working together much better than we could alone. We use a Two-Generational approach to focus our work on both caregivers and children in key areas such as Education, Health, Employment, and Economic Wellness. 

We are guided by the fundamental belief that this work needs to be rooted in the strengths and aspirations of the Casino Road community. There is a long history of passionate and engaged residents on Casino Road. Whether it be a Natural Leaders group at a local school  or graduates of local GED classes, we know it is essential to align ourselves to the expertise held by these community leaders. 

In order to maximize our impact, we break our work up in to different teams. Our Capacity Teams focus on building capacity and shared learning within our partner organizations and within the infrastructure of CCR to actually realize our mission and vision. Our Action Teams, on the other hand, focus their energy on aligning and coordinating direct service providers on Casino Road towards common goals. When everyone is working towards the same thing, research shows families are much more likely to access what they need to thrive. Finally, our Stewardship Team and Backbone are there to make sure we stay aligned to our vision, mission, and values and to support the success of our Action and Capacity teams. Whether it's through advocacy, helping find resources, or connecting us to potential new partners, our Stewardship Team is crucial to the long-term sustainability of CCR. 

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