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 A safe, supportive, and collaborative  community where everybody thrives and reaches their full potential.


Connect Casino Road is an inclusive, innovative, and transformative community effort coming together to create equitable opportunities for all Casino Road families.



We believe in deconstructing the systems, beliefs, and practices that have perpetuated inequities in the Casino Road community in order to re-imagine and co-create a more just and liberated future.



We believe that working with one another in authentic, mutually beneficial relationships is essential to restoring and strengthening community.



We believe Casino Road residents hold the community cultural wealth needed to successfully lead and grow this work, and the right to do so.



We believe in fostering critical self-reflection while simultaneously investing in continuous transformational learning opportunities as a means of developing the culture, relationships, and skills needed to enact long-term change.


 We believe in engaging in fair process and taking explicit, tangible steps towards manifesting the above values into genuine and observable outcomes.

A Leadership Council member and local volunteer interviews fellow community members at August's National Night Out event.

​Located in the Casino Road neighborhood of South Everett, Connect Casino Road is a collaborative made up of a variety of stakeholders in the greater Casino Road community working together to align our efforts to a common vision to support families. Through these partnerships, we strive to build a safe, supportive, and collaborative community where everybody thrives and reaches their full potential.

When our Backbone - the Community Foundation of Snohomish County - was approached by a  funder in 2016 interested in funding a collaborative, family-focused community project, Casino Road presented the perfect opportunity. As the highest poverty community in our county, there was no doubt Casino Road was in need of support. At the same time, there was a long history of service providers and families collaborating and working together to make life on Casino better for those that call it home. This funding would provide the ability to more intentionally coordinate, align, and expand those efforts to help families in Casino Road.

Just a year later, that initial investment was nearly doubled when our local United Way of Snohomish County granted three years of funding to another collaborative group working in the Casino Road neighborhood. Today, our two groups have joined forces so as to better leverage and align these newly invested resources. 


Connect Casino Road (CCR) consists of a variety of private and public sector partners, including nonprofits, the school district,  community leaders, funders, and local business owners dedicated to supporting Casino Road families. The Community Foundation of Snohomish County provides the collaborative with project planning, staffing, and management help alongside administrative and logistical support. With this support, the collaborative is able to leverage the strengths and relationships of the community and our partners towards common goals and projects that support children and adults in Casino Road. CCR uses a Two-Generational, Collective Impact approach to address some of the most complex problems facing families in this community. Together, we know our impact can be deep.

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Connect Casino Road

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