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Since our beginning, CCR has been dedicated to grounding our work in equity. We strongly believe that many of the challenges that families here on Casino Road experience are directly or indirectly influenced by institutional racism. As such, we know that any positive impact we want to have on this community has to start in our own beliefs, actions, and practices, and in the beliefs, actions, and practices of the institutions we work for. We have partnered with Everett Community College to apply their 5 Dimensions of Equity™ to our community work here on Casino Road. Because we know building strong relationships with the community we serve is central to any real equity work, we have also partnered with ChildStrive to build capacity in Restorative Practice. Restorative Practice is is an emerging social science that studies how to strengthen relationships between individuals as well as social connections within communities. Together, these two approaches will help give us the lens we need to effectively put our mission and vision into action. This team is responsible for providing education opportunities to our partner organizations, different CCR teams, and the families we serve so as to build capacity in these approaches across our community.

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Everett Community College

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Equitable aspiration allows for an individual to continuously negotiate multiple contradictory voices to co-create a vision of possible dreams that builds self-efficacy and contributes to a just society.  This dimension acknowledges that aspiration is systematically influenced and challenges the notion that individuals are void of hopes and dreams. 


Equitable access allows for an individual to experience a mutually beneficial relationship with the institution that creates a true sense of ownership, belongingness and familiarity. This dimension challenges the assumption that the community college open door policy equates to access for all, including historically underrepresented populations.


Equitable achievement allows for an individual to exercise, refine, and acquire capacities (Cronon, 1998) that nurture and grow their talents both individually and as a member of a collective. This dimension challenges simplistic notions that achievement equates to individualistic accomplishments.

Economic Progress:

Equitable economic progress allows for an individual to be a self-fulfilled, and contributing member of society, understanding and negotiating the interdependent relationship between equitable aspiration, economic capital, and community cultural wealth (Yosso, 2005). This dimension challenges the notion that it is necessary to sacrifice any of the above for the sake of economic and social mobility. 


Equitable engagement allows for an individual to exercise, refine and acquire capacities (Cronon, 1998) that can be used to exert influence within their social, cultural and political contexts to further equity and community well-being.  This dimension challenges the belief that participation is sufficient to exert influence.

Cronon, W. (1998). "Only Connect...". American Scholar, 67(4), 73-80.

Yosso, T. (2005). Whose culture has capital? A critical race theory discussion of community cultural wealth. Race Ethnicity and Education, 8(1), 69-91.

Community Leadership
About the Team

Here at CCR, we spend a lot of time talking about the importance of families that live on Casino Road leading this work. Despite our good intentions, it took nearly 2 years of trial and error to figure out how to do that in authentic, meaningful ways! With the leadership of our wonderful Community and Family Development Coordinator, we recently convened a group of Parent Leader Representatives. These are local parents that are currently or aspire to be leaders in their community. The purpose of the group is to identify work and projects that are needed in the community. Once a need has been identified, CCR will supply the staffing, resources, and connections to put the idea into action. Some recent examples include the need for a Spanish Literacy class for Spanish-speaking adults and an apartment-outreach team to connect with the many families that live in the apartments that line Casino Road. All Parent Leaders attend a monthly meeting and are reimbursed for their time. 

Team Mission

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Under Development!

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